Strata has extensive experience in managing the integration of client stakeholders and direct contracts into the overall construction process. This includes procurement, delivery, installation and commission of stakeholder items.


We can provide support to ensure Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment (F,F & E) and client direct contractor works are integrated into the overall construction project programme, ultimately providing a turnkey project service.

ESS Lund

Strata currently performs this service on the ESS Lund project in Sweden,  where there are five separate client divisions, all of which have separate installation works to each of the 22 buildings being delivered by the main contractor. Some of the services performed by Strata on behalf of the main contractor (client) include agreement of access dates, status of building at handover, integration of stakeholders works with that of the main contractor where concurrent works occur. The stakeholder items being managed as part of this process will contribute to ESS Lund establishing itself as the world’s most powerful and advanced neutron source. Similarly, Strata reviewed the stakeholders time programmes including design, procurement, installation and commissioning and through this process, ensured that the overall project completion dates were maintained.