We have the expertise to complete a Schedule Delay Analysis, using Critical Path Methods (CPM) and a forensic review of project documentation and other data.

Construction Projects often suffer from delays due to a wide variety of reasons, which can have severe financial impact on a project. They are unexpected and can throw a project into chaos. The accuracy of the analysis of the delay impact is vital to a successful outcome. All construction projects have extensive information and details which all need to be considered.

delay analysis

Strata have the expertise to complete a Construction Delay Analysis, the analytical process through which we use Critical Path Methods (CPM) techniques along with a forensic review of project documentation and other relevant data. This analysis enables us to understand how the planned versus actual schedule was performed and ascertain the impact of the delay on the project. We work in confidence and as efficiently as possible to ensure that a delay claim can be represented comprehensively.

Some of the steps in our Construction Delay Analysis service include:

  • Assessment of programmes and sequencing to review the logic in place and the critical path
  • Preparation of as built programmes against the contract baseline.
  • Assistance in ongoing programme maintenance throughout project life cycle to represent project changes and delays as they occur.
  • Assistance in preparation of EOT claims
  • Use of 4D modelling / visualization to demonstrate major project changes and delays.