We help clients establish a clear project baseline, from which we will monitor construction project progress closely.

This close monitoring is crucial to ensure the protection of the overall project duration and proactive management of any procurement client, design or construction related changes. We provide this monitoring using leading planning software and through the issuing of regular formal written reports, which are highly valued by clients.


Our construction stage time management and reporting services include delivery of the following:

  • Development of tender stage plan into detailed construction programme – both contract and site target programme
  • Integration of design elements and procurement with construction activities
  • Establishment of subcontractor detailed programmes and tracking matrices for key packages
  • Detailed phasing and zonal plans that are derived from the main construction sequence
  • Generation of key project milestones to track performance KPIs
  • Resource loading, levelling & S curve generation
  • Establishment of contract baseline for reporting
  • Preparation of detailed progress reports that can be tailored to suit your needs and level of detail required – covers all time related aspects of the project.
  • Continuous project tracking of the programme against the agreed baseline, straight line progress reporting and recovery analysis
  • As built analysis and representation of project changes and delays
  • Facilitation of the “last planner” system