Construction planning during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, businesses are feeling the human, social and economic implications. How we operate our businesses has changed and will change further. We have learned a lot in the short time, since COVID-19 first came into our lives including, maintaining social distancing, managing cash flow, redeploying employees and many more. However, despite all the challenges that it has brought to us,  I firmly believe we will come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger.  This crisis presents an opportunity for us all to self reflect and from my own perspective, the crisis has afforded me the opportunity to revisit why exactly I set up my company and what is it that continues to give me the energy to lead it each and every day

When preparing construction programmes, I am regularly challenged on outputs and durations. Generally, this practical knowledge is only gained through experience and by historical record keeping. My response to these challenge is always to ask the person what do they physically think that they could achieve in one hour and  for them then to apply that across a day. This could be something as simple as painting a room but it is the analogy that is important as it brings realism to the conversation and helps to ensure realistic timelines from the offset.

This week, I took the opportunity to lay some bricks, something that I have not completed since I was a teenager, when my part time job was as a builders labourer. The simple task of laying brick after brick gave me valuable thinking time and the opportunity to reflect on what actually made me pursue a masters degree in engineering and later establish Strata. My passion is that sense of creating and building something, no matter how big or small. I have always really enjoyed construction and the immense sense of satisfaction that you get when you see a project that you have worked so hard on coming together for its new occupants to enjoy.

My team at Strata all harness this same passion and translate it into service delivery for our clients. Due to Covid-19, there is significant focus on project timelines and programmes. At Strata, we are adopting innovative ways of demonstrating permutations for reduced productivity efficiencies due to compliance with new guidelines for operation of construction sites. We have adopted remote applications including  virtual interactive planning sessions, and introduced the Touchplan software service to our business. We have also used the past few weeks to greatly enhance and expand our 4D modelling platform for the visualization of construction projects. These models are proving invaluable for situations, where it is not possible for all project team members to visit sites.

Please do connect with me if you would like to learn more about Strata or if you feel we could help your business in any way.

For the record it took about 4 hours to lay 90 bricks including hand mixing the mortar, not enough to get me a job as a bricklayer but it did remind me to appreciate what is physically possible to achieve in a day.